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Spinner Flex is the wobbling spoon which ensures you more catches! Finished unhookings! Doctor Spinner is there! Thanks to the great flexibility of its reinforcement, Spinner Flex always keeps a perfect balancing. The more quickly you bring back Spinner Flex, the more it becomes compact, while remaining right without wavering of edge in edge. When you bring back it gently, the arms remain large open for an optimal vibration. The two sections of the framework move freely with 360 degrees making possible the free hook to move from left to right and from top to bottom unceasingly following the fish which does not sometimes happen to demolish itself some. Composed of materials of top qualities, Spinner Flex has a ring which facilitates the assembly of a staple, a flexible cable ensuring its flexibility to him and of skirts and pallets of quality for a better resistance in time. In conditions where water dark, is disturbed or by fishing of night, the vibrations of Spinner Flex are much more detectable by fish than a traditional spinner. In normal conditions, it will find its force in its flexible structure which ensures you the end of unhookings 9/10 times.
Listen to the Doctor! Test Spinner Flex!
- Skirt top quality “Easy hub” perfectly adaptable and interchangeable.
- Jig head with extra barb allowing to adapt 2 skirts.
- Flexible Cable red 100% more vibrations.
- Ring of resistance 100 kg to adapt a fast agraphe with rolling.
- Hook n°4 “Lazer Sharp Eagle Claw” strong of prickly iron and ultra.