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Models and characteristics
Article Pack. Color Colour code Length (cm) Price
Pack.by 10 ColorGlow Pink Colour code005 Length (cm)8.5
£ 7.31
RRP**: £ 7.83
Pack.by 10 ColorSparkling Sardine Colour code045 Length (cm)8.5
£ 7.31
RRP**: £ 7.83
Pack.by 10 ColorIkura Colour code053 Length (cm)8.5
£ 7.31
RRP**: £ 7.83
– 4%
Pack.by 10 ColorJune Bug Colour code060 Length (cm)8.5
£ 6.29£ 6.55
RRP**: £ 7.83
** Recommended retail price

Soft lure Slit Shad 85mm SAKURA - Pack of 10.
3.3” - 85mm - Small pack of 10.
With Slit Shad everything is possible! This particular swimbait is versatile and brings new explores to the amateurs of soft lures
, as well at sea as in fresh water. Realized by injection robotized for a constant manufacturing quality, it has a very special, at the same time tender and surprisingly resistant texture.
This ideal polymer gives to Slit Shad high a enough density for its size without to harm its flexibility nor with its softness. We impregnated it in the mass of microcrystals of salt and doped with attractant “perfume shellfish” in order to make it still locatable by predators and to increase their time of conservation in mouth, to let you time to strike.
Natural form, Slit Shad presents a quasi-triangular body of section whose flat back is split in length to camouflage the point of hook during the Texan rigs or to center a jig head correctly. A ventral groove, ideally proportioned, is also stored to facilitate the sliding motion of hooks offsets at the time it striking, without harming the maintenance of hook during animation, including at the time of forced passages through the obstacles or in “skipping”.
the caudal stalk was learnedly drawn to offer a great mobility and an optimal vibrating intensity. Before refining itself, it has at its base two zones of articulation which will amplify its beats and broadcasts them with the whole of lure. The effect of “rolling” obtained to each traction is really tempting. The caudal termination of Slit Shad is fine and punt with an ovoid form which gets an immediate setting in motion to him, even at low speed.
By increasing the rate of retrieve, the pulsations of tail will develop and propagate powerful waves low frequencies, locatable at long distance. This evolutionary mobility makes the superiority of Slit Shad because it keeps a stability without reproach in all the situations.
Slit Shad can be gone up on a jig head, in drop shot, on a hook offset for an rig in weightless or Texan. It also makes a very original trailer of rubber jig for the explorations in “swimming “.
the panel of sizes that we propose will allow you to practice various types of fishing: Rock fishing, linear, buzzing, vertical, traction, dandle.