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Pack.9 HookN°2
£ 5.87
RRP**: £ 6.07
Pack.pack of 11 HookN°4
£ 5.87
RRP**: £ 6.07
Pack.14 HookN°6
£ 5.87
RRP**: £ 6.07
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Pack.14 HookN°8
£ 3.87£ 5.87
RRP**: £ 6.07
Pack.14 HookN°10
£ 5.87
RRP**: £ 6.07
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Trout hook 3400D, GAMAKATSU.
The specific methods as well as the choice of raw
material used to make Gamakatsu
hooks allow to make better quality products than those of all other brands. First of all, Gamakatsu uses a top-of-the-range steel with high percentage of carbon which enables to avoid all the defects which could weaken the hook.
Gamakatsu has the most advanced system of manufacturing in the world. Each hook is heated at a temperature specifies then is refreshed in an oil bath. This process reinforces the hooks while keeping their flexibility. Finally and surely most important, the ultra modern grinding process of Gamakatsu enables to obtain a perfectly conical point of an unequalled precision.
blue hooks, forged, reversed.