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Article Weight (g) Pack. Hook Price
Weight (g)7 2 HookN°1
6,80 €
RRP**: 6,80 €
Weight (g)10 2 HookN°2/0
7,90 €
Weight (g)12 2 HookN°4/0
8,40 €
RRP**: 8,40 €
Weight (g)15 2 HookN°6/0
9,10 €
RRP**: 9,14 €
Weight (g)15 Pack.per unit HookN°8/0
12,10 €
Weight (g)20 Pack.per unit HookN°8/0
12,10 €
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The flexible and vibrating jig head! Never considering!Composed of a hook 30% longer than a conventional weighed down warhead, the weighed down head flex is provided with a flexible cable attaching a hammered pallet willow which imitates the scales of fish and increases the luminous effect. With slow recovery, the pallet maintained by the flexible cable deviates from the lure and product from enormous vibrations. In fast recovery, the pallet while approaching the lure emits jerked vibrations aggressive the attack of fish. Provided with a spring, this weighed down head flex allows a perfect maintenance of the lure and avoids the use of adhesive. The reinforced cable ensures you a perfect flexibility of the pallet and avoids unhookings with the attack of fish. Perfectly complementary to the lure, the weighed down head Flex is the new generation of vibrating jig heads. To test without delaying on all fish!
- Pallet nickelled Willow hammered for imitation of fish-fodder.
- Prickly extremely ultra Hook.
- Flexible red Cable for signal blood.
- Pack of 2.