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Pack.By 3 ColorSilver Product size3 Length (cm)4
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RRP**: 11,90 €
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Pack.By 3 ColorSilver Product size4 Length (cm)5
9,50 €11,10 €
RRP**: 11,90 €
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The Biwaa blades are the essential accessories to replace of your Divinators or to make yourself an original blade lure. The blaades are delivered in a pack of three including their very quality rolling swivel. The rolling blade plays two essential roles on your lure. It brings to it a very high appeal enabling thus the carnivores to see it from a very far distance. The second role of the blade is to put a brake on the lure way down so it can act on the lure speed. The principle is very simple : the bigger the blade is, the more the blade will be slowed down so it will go down slower. As opposed to this, with a smaller blade your lure will be less help up so it will go down much faster.