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Description Models (5)
Models and characteristics
Article Weight (g) Capacity (m/mm) Retrieve cm/tm Bearings Reel size Ratio Drag power (kg) Price
Weight (g)245 Capacity (m/mm)220m in 20/100 Retrieve cm/tm64 Bearings3+1 Reel size2000 Ratio5.4/1 Drag power (kg)NC
48,90 €
RRP**: 52,90 €
Weight (g)279 Capacity (m/mm)265m in 25/100 Retrieve cm/tm74 Bearings3+1 Reel size4000 Ratio5.2/1 Drag power (kg)NC
49,90 €
RRP**: 55,90 €
Weight (g)343 Capacity (m/mm)240m in 30/100 Retrieve cm/tm76 Bearings3+1 Reel size6000 Ratio4.9/1 Drag power (kg)NC
54,90 €
RRP**: 57,90 €
Weight (g)549 Capacity (m/mm)310m in 35/100 Retrieve cm/tm73 Bearings3+1 Reel size7000 Ratio4.1/1 Drag power (kg)NC
56,90 €
RRP**: 62,90 €
Weight (g)568 Capacity (m/mm)290m in 40/100 Retrieve cm/tm79 Bearings3+1 Reel size8000 Ratio4.1/1 Drag power (kg)NC
63,90 €
RRP**: 69,90 €
** Recommended retail price

The AVOCET SALT reels are dedicated to Saltwater applications. Stainless Steel bearings and components to protect this reel even in extreme salt situations !
• Halo Rotor for Superior Strength
• 3+1 Stainless Steel Bearings
• Anodized Aluminium Spool
• Saltwater Specific Treatments (Bearings, line roller, main shaft, Handle Shaft)
• High Density EVA knob on Aluminium Handle, comfortable and resistant

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